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Berroco Drop Ship Kit

Sharon's Glamping Blanket Dropship Kit
An amazing knitting pattern on a Size US 10 needle that couldn't be more perfect for this winter season. The wool color kits are specially curated for the extra pop and can be found here. There are 4 different sizes and this is a beginner project that can be fun to do for any experience level. If the kits are not to your liking we can easily put a fun combo together from these wool colors or even these acrylic colors. For more information about the pattern that comes with the kit you can find that here.

Choose your size of glamping blanket:
Finished Measurements

  1. Cat – 18 X 22”
  2. Baby Blanket/Small Dog/Portly Cat – 24 X 36” (side-eye to Kit Kat)
  3. Dog and Lap Blanket – 35 X 44”
  4. Sofa Blanket (for humans) – 46 X 58”

Yarn Amounts for color per size: Cat (Baby, Dog, Sofa)/100g per hank of Vintage Chunky Yarn.

Color A. 1 (2, 3, 5)hanks/ 68 (143, 250, 430)g;
Color B. 1 (2, 2, 4) hanks/55 (114, 200, 344)g
Color C. 1, (2, 2, 4) hanks/55 (114, 200, 344)g
Color D. 1, (1, 2, 3) hanks/37 (77, 135, 231)g

For example: Sofa size will take 5 hanks/Color A, 4 hanks/Color B, 4 hanks/Color C and 3 hanks/Color D.
Kit Colors:

Sample In Photo
A: Sunny, B: Mochi, C: Fondant, D: Mushroom

Cardinal (red), Cracked pepper (darker gray), Smoke (lighter gray), Mochi, (off white)

Jewel Tones
Magenta (Dewberry), Purple (Aubergine), Teal (Tide Pool), Green (Fennel)

White (Mochi), Light Blue (Misty), Darker Blue (Forget-Me-Not), Blue/green (Aquae)

Lang Crochet Blanket
This easy crochet pattern kit includes 4 balls each of two colors of Mille Colori Baby, plus the pattern. The skeins have multiple colors that come out of each colorway and will result in a rainbow explosion of color as you crochet.

When ordering please list Kit Name & Colors:
Example: LANG Crochet Blanket, 845.0052 + 845.0053
Choose from 39 different color ways, see them all here.
Also suggested is a 2.5mm crochet hook.